Children’s safety should always come first. The Child Safeguarding Policy of Hintalovon is aimed to ensure the safety and protection of children who are in contact with the Foundation in any way, and to exclude the possibility that the Foundation or any person providing services to (volunteer, traineeship agreement, etc.), or acting on behalf of the Foundation, and may be harmed by the Foundation’s partners in the course of their activities. It also aims to enable the Foundation, upon suspicion of abuse or endangerement, to take effective measures to detect, adequately deal with and follow up on such cases, through a transparent framework.

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The Foundation is a member of the Keeping Children Safe and our Child Safeguarding Policy has been produced in accordance with the principles set forth by the organization. It is also in accordance with the objectives of the Foundation to ensure the best interests of the children.

Available in child-friendly version

Informing children is crucial to make children feel safe. The child-friendly version of our Child Safeguarding Policy was developed to support children in understanding how we protect their safety, how we work with child volunteers, or how they can report any inconvenience or harm.