Professional materials

Our Child Participation Program aims to promote children’s right to participate in issues affecting them in a meaningful way – let it be in school, family, public decision making or in other settings. This is done partly by developing child-friendly materials and informing children about their rights and about expressing their opinions safely. But many of our activities try to encourage adults to involve children, listen to the their perspectives and prevent the manipulative, decorative or tokenistic participatory practices. We also share case studies and methodology descriptions about how we work with children, and launch researches to learn about children’s views.

Methodological or informational materials

  • Media interviews
  • Demonstrations
  • Guidelines for event organizers
  • Child rights 101 for politicians
  • Guidelines for organizers of political campaigns
  • Research
  • Principles of ethical and meaningful child participation
  • School

Case studies about children’s involvement in our projects

Child-friendly materials

Researching children’s views