#CovidUnder19: Life Under Coronavirus survey for children

Even under lockdown, children and young people have the right to be heard. But their views are hardly ever sought out by decision-makers and their ideas are rarely listened to. The #CovidUnder19 initiative aims to change that. 

The Centre for Children’s Rights at the Queen’s University of Belfast has worked with children’s rights organisations (including our international partner, Eurochild) and 270 children from across the world to gather views and experiences of children and young people on their rights during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hintalovon has translated it to Hungarian and encouraged its child and professional network to share the survey widely with children and young people. 

Children aged 8-17 years are invited to respond to the survey.

The Life Under Coronavirus survey is now live at this link: http://go.qub.ac.uk/CovidUnder19

Based on the results of the consultations with children, the initiative will accelerate the design of responses to the pandemic in the short and long term, while increasing opportunities for children to interact with each other to collectively create and innovate.

The survey is open until 27 June!