Community safeguarding

The protection of children against violence is determined by, among others, the safety and protection of the community where they  live.



The protection of children against violence is determined by, among others, the safety and protection of the community where they  live. In 2021 we launched  a regional research to understand the views   v of adults, children and a selected local community on violence. The Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation is developing an action plan in Hungary, Slovakia, Albania, Moldova and Romania.  

Every child deserves protection against violence, but in 2020 more than 100 000 children in Hungary were at risk of  violence or neglect. Violence can occur  in different communities, such as  in families or  institutions. Violence has many faces, but it is often difficult to recognize because it is tolerated or even used against children by those around them.  . A violence-free childhood often depends on the safety of the community in which  children live. But how can we recognize violence against children? What should we do  if we experience  abuse? How can we prevent a child from becoming a victim? 

 It is very important that  local communities have answers to these questions in order to protect children. To provide the most effective support, the Foundation has launched  a comprehensive, international research. This research seeks answers to several questions: what information do children have about abuse here in Hungary and in neighbouring countries? What do they think about violence? Where do they get relevant information? Do they know where to turn? Do they know when and how  to report if they experience abuse? Who do they think is responsible to handle these cases? 

In addition to Hungary, another four countries participated in this research: nonprofit organizations of Albania, Moldova, Slovakia and Romania. The overall research consists of three parts: an online questionnaire for adults, an online, three-part questionnaire for children and a focus group in a local community.  

Participating organizations

One slap is not a world? – Questionnaire for adults on violence against children

The questionnaire asks  people what they think about abuse, who they think is responsible to handle it and whether they know where to turn to in case of violence. The questionnaire was available from 10th March, 2021 to 15th May, 2021. 

How do you see it? –  Questionnaire for children about abuse 

This part included three questionnaires: in the first and second ones, we asked questions about abusive situations that can easily happen to children on an ordinary day. We wanted  to know what  they have done or what they would do if it happened to them, and if they would talk to someone about it. In the third part we asked them how much support they could count on from their family, friends, or others around them. The child rights ambassadors  took an active role in designing the research. The questionnaires were available from 15th May, 2021 to 30th June, 2021.  

Preventing abuse in a local community – Focus group research with parents and experts

The third part of the research is a study of a local community, focusing on information about the community,the local problems and good practices related to children. Several  focus group meetings were held with  parents and experts. These took place   in May and June, 2021. 

Based on the result of the research an action plan will be developed to strengthen communities. The results will be available on the Hintalovon website at the end of 2021.

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