It doesn’t cost you anything but could be vital to someone else – what is it?

Want to make a difference without spending a penny? Donate your 1% to Hintalovon Gyermekjogi Alapítvány and make Hungary a better place for children.
Donate your 1% to Hintalovon Gyermekjogi Alapítvány and make Hungary a better place for children.



Taxes. They’re inevitable, regardless of where we choose to live.

Tax declaration is one of those things – besides realising that the garbage bag doesn’t magically replace itself – that unmistakably mark the beginning of adulthood. Also, it must be done no matter what. Fortunately, in Hungary the Hungarian Tax Authority aka NAV prepares all the necessary documents; we only need to approve them and it’s pretty much done.
But there’s a catch many expats don’t know about: the so called 1%.

Hungary has a unique tax declaration system in which taxpayers can donate 1% of their personal income tax to a registered charity or religious organisation of their choice. This donation doesn’t cost any extra money, as the amount donated is deducted from our tax liability anyway.

And we really want to convince you to offer your 1% to us.

Needless to say, that the work NGOs do is very important in Europe, especially in Hungary. Hintalovon Gyermekjogi Alapítvány, has been around since 2015 and we firmly believe that children’s rights are the key to a better future. Our main goal is to make Hungary a better place for children and day by day we work to protect them from violence, to ensure access to education and make sure that their opinions and interests matter.

Look, Hungary is a weird little place where people think that fruits belong to a soup and where there are so many political, social and financial issues – we are all aware of that. But it’s also home to many wonders that ultimately made you make this country your adopted home and makes you stay here. Help us create a better Hungary by investing in the future through children – donate your 1% tax to us!

If you decide to support us, you can do so by simply filling out the designated form indicating the organisation, you wish to donate to and submit it to the Hungarian Tax Authority aka NAV along with your annual tax return. The deadline is 22nd of May 2023.

Our tax number is: 18752836-2-41

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