10 things to consider when you decide what (not) to share about your child online

You do not want to hurt your children, but they are so cute in that picture, you want everyone to see it… This is how you can keep them safe.

  1. You should not post a picture of others’ children.
  2. Do not post a photo of your own (or others’) child if it depicts nudity or a situation which hurts or humiliates the child or makes him/her vulnerable.
  3. Before you post a photo of your child on Facebook, think about it: in a few years, if the child gets older and sees this image, what will s/he say about it?
  4. Ask the child if s/he agrees to post the photo of him/her (and to text written to it). The child has the right to express an opinion on matters that concern him/her – and this is indeed such a matter. (Needless to say, the child’s opinion must then be respected!)
  5. Always ask yourself the question before posting: who will this post be about? About me or the child? Does the photo show what kind of parent I am, or the child? Do I want my post to get as many likes as possible? If it is more about me, then I should be on the picture, not the child.
  6. It may be enough to tell a funny, kind story and you do not even need to add the image.
  7. All our posts and habits on Facebook will serve as a model for our child. We will not be authentic when we forbid a child to upload pictures taken at a party if we ourselves do/have done it.
  8. Consider every post. If you are unsure whether to post something, you had better sleep on it or ask a friend (and of course the child) if s/he thinks the picture is okay.
  9. Many photos of children are taken in an apartment, and there may be details in them that can help malicious users learn more about, for example, the safety of our apartment, or our habits. (It is enough to think of posts like, “We go out to the playground every afternoon. Only the kittens take care of the house. How cute are our kid and kitten together?”)
  10. Consider who you want to share the picture with: family, best friends, acquaintances? Intimate pictures of the child belong only to the family. Form a closed (secret) group for them and share the personal images only there. Set up your account carefully (even the posts one by one, if necessary) and stay up-to-date on privacy options.

This is the translation of this Hungarian article on Yelon.hu.