New international research with child participation

Our Child Participation Program takes part in an international research that aims to offer a set of good practices to legal professionals to improve children’s wellbeing when dealing with cases of international child abduction by a parent. Children 10-17 years of age are involved to find out what children need in general in difficult or vulnerable situation, what makes children feel safe and how they feel respected by adults. 

Children’s opinion will be presented in a research report that will support the development of recommendations to professionals. From the Autumn, our Child Rights Ambassadors will represent the findings and will be working to stand up for their vulnerable peers.

The INCLUDE project

The project is coordinated by Missing Children Europe, and it is implemented together with other project partners: University of Antwerp (Belgium), Hope For Children (Cyprus), and Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation (Hungary). The methodology of child participation is developed by Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation, and it is enrolled in two countries: Hungary (by Hintalovon) and in Cyprus (by Hope for Children). The two organizations collaborate closely to implement this research.

The INCLUDE project is supported by the European Union under the name INCLUDE: ‘Including children for a better and more child-friendly case-handling, procedure and enforcement of decision in cross-border family disputes’ project (ref. INCLUDE-JUST-AG-2018/JUST JCOO-AG-2018-831587).