Working together with children in 2020



 Evaluation of the Child Rights Ambassador Program‘s implementation in 2020

The “third season” of our Child Rights Ambassador Program finished in 2020. We were working together with the third group of students participating in this long-term volunteering program. This report on the experiences of this common work presents the project roles and phases the Child Right Ambassadors participated in, the way the program was evaluated, the challenges we have faced and the possible directions for 2021.

Our foundation has been working together with children since 2016. The methodology and focus of this cooperation have shifted every year, sometimes even twice a year. During this time, we have learnt a great deal from the children, from the expanding international literature, from Eurochild and from inter-professional co-operations. By hereby sharing the lessons learnt of the methodology and the evaluation criteria our aim is to promote the understanding and development of programs with child participation and encourage others to share good practices as well.
The report was prepared with an analytical and evaluation approach in mind, focusing foremost on the challenges. You can read more on the projects implemented with the ambassadors here:

Content of the professional report:

What happened in 2020?

  • Who did we work with?
  • What projects were the children involved in?
  • How did we work with the ambassadors?
  • On what levels did we involve the children in our work?
  • In which phases of the project implementations were children involved in?

How do we evaluate the program?

  • The quality of participation matters
  • Questionnaires
  • Discussions during the year
  • Signalling
  • Main feedback of the ambassadors

Main conclusions

  • Joint project
  • Review
  • Ambassadors` initiative
  • Projects led by children
  • Balance
  • Methodology
  • Project evaluation
  • How did the cooperation go?
  • Difficulties due to the coronavirus
  • Recruitment
  • Motivation of the ambassadors
  • Workload
  • Mentors

Future directions

  • Children who worked with us over the years
  • Occasional child volunteers
  • Personal focus areas
  • Way of participation
  • Initiatives by ambassadors
  • Risk analysis

Click here to download the full report.

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