The Child Rights Ambassadors Team has been expanded

The Child Rights Ambassadors Team has been expanded

The new year brought new changes to the life of the Child Rights Ambassador Program as well.

In 2019, the ambassadors worked the most with their own campaign, and the results of the “How do you see” research were taken to Geneva with the children. In addition, they have been involved in the development of a child-friendly version of the Lanzarote Convention as a major project, as well as in several lectures and trainings on online safety.

As part of closing the year, children were able to provide feedback on their work at the foundation, where we were also curious about how the child participation sections of the Foundation’s Child Protection Policy apply. Among other things, it turned out that the ambassadors feel treated with respect and are not afraid to say if they have a different opinion or are satisfied with the tasks and projects.

We started 2020 with expanding our project, as together with the ambassadors, we considered it was time for more kids to join our team. We are looking for children whose leisure and motivation match the goals of our program, have original thoughts, and fit well into the team. To this end, the selection process was multi-step, as a result of which we will continue to work with 15 Child  Rights Ambassadors in the long term from mid-February. Our main plan and goal in increasing the number of staff is to involve the children in as many of the Foundation's programs and tasks as possible, so that they can have their say. The ambassadors are volunteer colleagues who help the Foundation’s adult staff with various eyes through various projects.

With the fresh enthusiasm of the children, we cut to the thrills and tasks ahead of us, always keeping in mind that it is only worth thinking about children together with children.

For the latest information, follow the Child Rights Ambassadors’ own Instagram page: @gyermekjogi_kovetek

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