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Child rights ambassadors

Child rights ambassadors are Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation's child volunteers. They work to empower children by educating them about their rights and encouraging adults to increasingly consider children’s viewpoints.

Child rights ambassadors are counsels to the Foundation. They stand up for child rights at national and international events and in the media. They also run their own projects in support of the goals and projects of the Foundation.

The first 'season' of Child rights ambassadors joined our team in summer 2017.

Highlights from the academic year of 2017/2018 


  • Participated in bi-weekly in 20 child rights trainings and meetings totalling 70 hours. 
  • Took part in 4 professional round table discussions,
  • Led 2 school workshops about child rights,
  • Appeared on TV and on the radio 10 times speaking about child rights,
  • Submitted a report to the Lanzarote Committee of the Council of Europe about sexting and the role of school (the Committee is the body established to monitor whether State Parties effectively implement the Lanzarote Convention about the protection of children against sexual exploitation and abuse),
  • Collaborated on devising a child rights 101 for politicians and their campaign organizers before the 2018 parliamentary elections,
  • Created an infographic for children about the 2017 Child rights report,
  • Took part in creating the marketing collateral of Storylab, an online game to prepare children to face the authorities,
  • And two of the Ambassadors wrote an article for

Highlights from the academic year of 2018/2019

  • The team took on new members, and met weekly to prepare for the representation of child rights.
  • Team members participated in the monitoring of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The ambassadors made efforts to collect and present children’s opinions about the realization of their rights alongside that of State and civil society. They contributed to Hungary's first report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child that was based on child participation. The preparation of the campaign “How do you see it?” started in September 2018.
  • They contributed to an online survey to allow children to voice their opinions, and promoted it via online videos, articles and offline school events. In January 2019 they collaborated with the volunteers of Kék Vonal Child Crisis Foundation. They attended a number of press events to promote the How do you see it? campaign. 
  • The 'How do you see it?' Campaign ended in March 2019. 5200 responses were submitted by children in the survey. The ambassadors were involved in the preparation of the report and started preparing for representing its findings.
  • In May and September 2019 the results were presented to the Ministry of Human Capacities by the Ambassadors. 
  • Child rights ambassadors take a central role in communicating the report's findings.

Other highlights from the season 

  • In August 2018 they launched their own Instagram channel to represent child rights, publish news about their achievements and voice their opinion about issues relevant to child rights. They aim to demonstrate that child rights are not abstract legal regulations and do not only concern those who commit violations. The Ambassadors are determined to find out about children’s opinions and represent them in real life situations. 
  • In Fall 2018 they staged debates about child rights with the participation of high school students as part of the debate theater series. 
  • In October 2018 five Ambassadors attended the Eurochild international conference about child participation.
  • In May 2019 two Ambassadors visited Antwerpen to attend the two-day workshop of the CHILLS project about child-friendly justice. 

There are two mentors supporting the ambassadors: Zsuzsanna Kun és Lilla Palotay, alongside the program manager Barbara Németh.