Advocy in Hintalovon Child Right’s Foundation dictionary means working for sensitizing decision makers, politicians, public figures and, indeed, the whole Hungarian society to children’s rights and to the highest possible realization of these rights.

1. Lobbying

With all our work we intend to persuade Hungarian legislators and political decision makers to fully consider and realize children’s rights as well as to respect those both on a theoretical and on the practical level.

An example of the lobby activity of the Foundation is the Petition to the Hungarian Parliament in 2017, supported by over 4000 persons and more than 30 organizations calling for action against child sexual abuse.  

2. Representation in individual cases

The Pro Bono Child Rights Centre of the Foundation was established with the aim of providing legal counsel and other services related to the realization of children’s rights in individual cases. All services of the Centre are child centred concentrating on the interest of the child rather than representing the adult contacting the Foundation for help.

3. Sensitization of the society

Mentioning children’s rights in Hungary is often associated with the spoiling of the child in the eyes of the general public and in the opinions of some decision makers. The Foundation considers it a duty to make everyone realize that meeting children’s rights is closely related, in fact is equal, to meeting their needs. Realization of children’s rights contributes to the healthy physical and emotional development of the child and to becoming an legally aware and law-obeying adult who is capable of realizing his/her rights. Children rights when met also contribute to the development of one’s capabilities to the highest extent. To sensitize the general public the Foundation publishes studies, articles and offers lectures and trainings.  


Translation of the text of the poster:

I am happy to inform you that, to the utmost joy of my parents, I was born on September 9, 2017, at 5.32 am, weight 3155 gram, height 48 centimetres and I have rights.

I have the right to life and development, to my name and origin, my family, to express my opinion freely and to privacy.

I have the right to be protected against child labour, violence, torture, war and human trafficking, and against sexual exploitation and drugs.

I have the right to an appropriate standard of living, education and the right to play.  And most importantly, I have the right to know about my rights.

Kisses, Gabi

4. Research

Our research, case studies, reports and other publications on children's rights aim primarily at sensitizing professionals in child care, child protection and in the justice System.