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Anonymous Child Rights chatbot service and the associated artificial intelligence supported online knowledge centre

Operating a chat

To meet the continuously increasing customer demands and to operate as efficiently as possible, our Foundation has started a large-scale, comprehensive transformation of its legal aid service. The result is the implementation of our anonymous Child Rights chatbot service and the associated artificial intelligence supported online knowledge centre.

The aim of this structural transformation was to provide assistance in enforcing the rights and interests of children at national level. The Counselling Robot of the Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation does not only offer easily accessible, child-centred relevant help in case of a problem, but can also provide an up-to-date knowledge base for professionals and lawyers working with children. The chatbot was created thanks to the donations of Réczicza Dentons LLP Law Office, British Petrol and Magyar Telekom.

The role of the Counselling Robot is to provide guidance about children-related legal issues. Formulating simple and clear questions about the problem and using keywords while interacting with the chatbot contributes greatly to receiving a comprehensive answer. It is important that the users do not provide any personal information during the conversation. The users do not have the possibility to send any pictures, sound recordings or links during the conversation. 

How can you talk to  a chatbot?

The users must read and accept the current privacy terms of the Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation at the beginning of each conversation to be able to proceed. In addition, the users must also accept the use of cookies to visit and use the Foundation’s website. Cookies are placed by the website on the users’ computer or mobile phone,  allowing the website to record information about browsing habits, thus making it easier to browse the website. No personal data is handled in the course of using cookies.

The menu items built into the conversation help the users find the answer to their questions in an easier way. However, the users may phrase questions in their own words as well. As the communication of the Counselling Robot develops throughout each conversation, the content of the conversations will be used in accordance with our Privacy Statement and Privacy Policy.  For the purpose of improving the communication of the Counselling Robot, the conversations are used exclusively in an anonymous form without storing any personal data. Nevertheless, during the chat, the users have the option to request the content of the conversation to be deleted. In such cases, the content of those conversations will be deleted from the system.

Please note that the Counselling Robot’s ability to replace personal communication is limited, therefore, the content published in the chat service can be regarded only as general information, and it does not constitute an offer or advice based on a lawyer’s, legal or any other consulting assignment. Due to changes in legislation over time, the content of some entries may no longer comply with the applicable law, but our aim is to keep our knowledge base up to date.

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