Global network to prevent the sexual exploitation

ECPAT is a global network of non-governmental organizations which works to prevent the sexual exploitation of children. The long-standing network primarily focuses on the prevention of and effective action against exploitation of children through prostitution, online sexual exploitation of children, child trafficking for sexual purposes and sexual exploitation of children in tourism. Accordingly, ECPAT deals with helping victims, supporting victim participation, assisting in legislation, preparing standards and policies, conducting and coordinating national, regional and global research.

In March 2020 the Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation became a member of ECPAT International, so it is represented in Hungary by the foundation.

Represented in Hungary by Hintalovon

The membership entails that our foundation is continuously in contact with other child protection organizations of the countries in our region. We share best practices and useful knowledge regarding certain projects, tasks and problems with each other. We participate in conferences and researches, and also receive assistance and guidelines for our projects from the experts of ECPAT. Moreover, we can draw on the enormous database and professional materials of the organization.

Using the scheme and guidelines of ECPAT, the first research on Hungary’s response to the sexual exploitation of children will be conducted in 2020. The aim of the research is to offer a comprehensive picture of the Hungarian legislation and the societal, economic and social aspects of this phenomenon.

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