Country Overview on the Sexual Exploitation of Children

Hintalovon Foundation and ECPAT International is to launch Country Overview on the Sexual Exploitation of Children in Hungary
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Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation together with ECPAT International launched Hungary’s Country Overview on the sexual exploitation of children. Hintalovon worked together with several Hungarian NGOs, law enforcement and administrative bodies on the report. The report is written by the leading Hungarian organizations and experts dealing with specific forms of child sexual exploitation.

Among other things the report aims to present the relevant legal environment, the social factors and characteristics, the effectivity and availability of victim and survivor support and the effectivity of law enforcement.

The report separately discusses all forms of sexual exploitation of children; exploitation in prostitution, online sexual exploitation, trafficking of children for sexual purposes, sexual exploitation in tourism and early, child and forced marriage.

The report doesn’t contain primary data, it only relies on and discusses the previously published scientific literature and date accessed through public interest data request. The data and information used in the report are presented in a comprehensive manner, placed in a social context, discussed from sociological, legal as well as criminological point of view.

The report highlights the most pressing issues and risks relating to the sexual exploitation of children. Among other issues the report discusses the inadequate legislation and protection against online child sexual exploitation and child, early and forced marriage; the increased vulnerability of children with low socioeconomic status and children living in state care facilities. The report discusses the inefficient reporting procedures and protection systems on child sexual exploitation.

The report also calls attention to the work that still needs to be done to tackle child trafficking for sexual purposes in Hungary, as it articulates several recommendations necessary to tackle and abolish the sexual exploitation of children.

More information about the Country Overview to be found on the website of ECPAT International.

Click here for the Hungarian version of the Report.

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