A Hungarian child is a member of the Eurochild Children’s Council

A Hungarian child participates in the Eurochild Children's Council with the support of the Hintalovon Foundation.



Hintalovon is a full member of Eurochild since 2018.

For the third time, Eurochild had a call for Eurochild Children’s Council (ECC) this spring, which for the first time includes a Hungarian child, supported by the Hintalovon Foundation, along with 10 other children from other European countries. The current Children’s Council will work together for two years in an advisory role to support Eurochild’s work.

In May 2022, the Children’s Council met live for the first time in Brussels, where they got to know the organisation and each other. Mór, a Hungarian member of the ECC, told us about the experience:

In Brussels, we introduced ourselves and finally met the other ECC members not on a tiny box on my screen. We were staying at a hotel in Brussels, and the meetings took place there, on the top floor. The staff introduced us to Eurochild and what we will be doing. After that, we wrote down our hopes and expectations (what we expect to do in the two years). On the second day, we visited the European Parliament. It was very nice, and I even got an EU flag. On the third and final day, we met the EU Commissioner for Child Rights. She was very nice. The third day was cut in half, because everyone had to go home. So I arrived back in Budapest with an amazing experience. 

What is Eurochild?

Eurochild is a network of organisations and individuals working with and for children in Europe. It has nearly 200 member organisations working for the rights and well-being of children. Eurochild was established in 2004 by a group of organisations formerly working together in the European branch of the International Forum for Child Welfare. Eurochild works closely with the European Union, as protecting children’s rights is among the EU’s aims and values. They advocate children’s rights in policy-making at international level, lobby, conduct international research and campaigns, and provide professional support. They aim to promote the sharing of good practice and experience across Europe.

Children are the experts in their own lives. It is essential that they are involved in the decisions that affect them. Eurochild is committed to supporting the involvement of children and young people. The organisation places particular emphasis on promoting children’s participation in issues that affect them and on helping to ensure that children’s views are taken into account in decision-making.

In recent years, the Hintalovon Foundation has worked with Eurochild on child participation projects and consultations. Our child volunteers have participated in international forums and conferences. The joint work continues through the Children’s Council as well.

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