Expelling all doubt - Family in need (part 2.)

Expelling all doubt - Family in need (part 2.)

Photo: Szász Norbert
Author: Pásztor Máté
Translation: Péter Stánitz

I enjoy writing my articles from a first-person point of view. This way my responsibility is clear, I guarantee for the words I have written. However, in this case the „we” instead of „I” is justified. A month ago only a handful of people strived to keep a family united, now we are many. If something is willed that firmly by so many, it has to come through in the end. There can simply be no other option.

„What happens if more money is raised than they asked for? Then, I will write the story of the next family, the one you have also helped.” These were the closing lines of my previous article with the Vári family. We are not yet at the point of helping another family, but over the course of a few weeks the situation changed significantly and so did I. Anyone who knows me (I will try to euphemise not to hurt my own feelings too much) would never bother turning for words of encouragement to me to raise their spirits in a difficult situation. I am just not that type of person. However, something has changed: it became increasingly difficult for me to keep my doubts.

Since writing the previous article I have learned a great deal about life. About another life, that is lived 50 kilometres from me, one that I had previously no idea about. When I turn on the heating at home, the place starts warming up. I do not even notice it, it’s just normal. In the meantime, the Vári family tells how at dawn they bring their infant to their bed, as the house gets really chilly by that time. Luckily, the autumn has been pleasantly warm so far. Now they are debating whether to buy the 5 hundredweight of firewood: should they have to vacate their home, what would they do with the remainder? They simply cannot afford not to plan everything precisely.

Frankly, I had never thought we would reach the 400 000 Forint goal, whereas almost four times as much has been raised so far. What is more, everyone gave their participation with heart. The owner of a real estate agency provided the knowledge to discard any illusions about a cheap home. The family building a start-up brought what they thought they had lacked, social sensitivity and empathy. The foundation supporting the Vári family gave us what we required at the moment: a bank account number, translation, legal aid and the ultimate comfort of knowing we can always turn to them for help. The communication professional the bread he baked, the photographer his pictures, the graphic his talent.

The largest part is done by the community forming around Jana (the adventist pastor): the people present in the family’s daily life. They are the ones who encourage and support the Vári family to carry on, even though the deadline of vacating their home looms.

The good news is, the donations cover their debts. Meanwhile the parents are striving to make up the leeway by their own efforts, so the money raised may serve a greater goal. As it became clear that no real estate is available for them near Ráckeve no matter the price, we had to look for other ways out.

Jana met wonderful people who offered to deploy and transform three container houses to accommodate the family. Unfortunately, their resources are also limited, they are able to provide this solution until spring. Thus, the issue would recreate itself, leaving us with only one option. Jana has found a house for 6.5 million. Yes, I know that it is extremely expensive compared to our budget, however, according to the estate agent Zoltán, it would be suitable for the family. As you might have guessed already, he too drove us with his own car, on a Sunday to assess a house,  asking for nothing in return.

Yes, I am aware that the missing five million is a lot. Nevertheless, if I recall just how hopeless raising 400 000 seemed a month ago… by any means, it becomes more and more evident that it will be incredibly difficult for me to remain doubtful in this community.

You can support them here:

Hintalovon Children’s Rights Foundation

Bank account number - IBAN:  HU15 16200010-10067868-00000000 

Magnet Bank

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If you directly send money by PayPal in our website donation system, please take narrative: Vári family! 

What happens if more money is raised than they asked for? Then, I will write the story of the next family, the one you have also helped.

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