Child participation in CRC reporting

Child participation in CRC reporting

How is it to be a child in Hungary? Who would possibly know it better than the children themselves. The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has been interested in their opinion, therefore a campaign called „Te hogy látod?” („How do you see it?”) was launched in the autumn of 2018. The first separate children's report submitted to the UN was prepared in cooperation with our child volunteers (our Child Rights Ambassadors) and various Hungarian NGOs, and it represents the view of 5300 children on specific child rights issues.

It is in 2019 for the very first time when Hungarian children are getting provided with the opportunity to express their regards on how their rights are being addressed and respected. Alongside with the official report of the Hungarian government and the one of the national NGOs, this year Hungarian children themselves are submitting a report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child contributing to the official reporting held in every five years.

Does your school prepare you for the future? Have you ever had to take a test as a form of punishment? How do others treat you? Do adults take you seriously? How does your future seem to you?

Only a few of those questions that fundamentally determine children’s everyday life, however all of them affect their fundamental rights.

The main scope of the campaign was to depict a valid and genuine picture of the current situation of Hungarian children to the Committee, to get a clear picture on the children’s opinion.

 The children were able to share their experiences with an online questionnaire between November 20, 2018 and March 31, 2019, and a focus group discussion was conducted with children who could not have expressed their views otherwise.

 The “How Do You See It?” campaign was initiated and coordinated by the Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation, and nearly 20 NGOs were involved in the professional work.

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The campaign is coordinated by the Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation.


  • Association of European Parents in Hungary (ESZME),
  • Chances for Children Association (GYERE)
  • Children's Rights Subcommittee - Korczak Committee (Hungarian Pedagogical Association),
  • Children's Rights Society of ELTE
  • Family, Child, Youth Association
  • Foundation for Limbless Children
  • Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation (project manager)
  • Hungarian Civil Liberties Union
  • Hungarian LGBT Association
  • Igazgyöngy Foundation
  • Kék Vonal Child Crisis Foundation
  • National Association of Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Pressley Ridge Hungary Foundation
  • Reményt a Gyermekeknek Közhasznú Egyesület
  • Rosa Parks Foundation
  • Parenting program (Szülőnek lenni)
  • The Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights
  • Agnes Lux 
  • Dalma Bíró​
  • and more volunteers.

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