My baby is so cute in this picture! – How to be a responsible digital parent?

In addition to security, consent is also an important issue. Every child has the right to express an opinion on matters that affect him or her. As parents, it is our responsibility to raise the children with respect for them (and their rights).

Our child is dependent on us and our decisions

According to the law, the opinion of children must be taken into account, with respect to their age and understanding. The situation is especially difficult when the child is so young that s/he is completely dependent on us, that is, s/he is exposed to our decisions, awareness, protection, and care. There are parents who, for this reason, choose not to post any image of their child or they make sure that the child’s face is not visible or recognisable in the pictures.

Safety on the internet

Every child has the right to online safety and, of course, the right to get prepared to use the internet so s/he can take advantage of the opportunities offered by technical progress.

With good settings (for example, only those who really belong to the family can see the pictures), aware sharing, keeping the child’s safety in mind and later treating the child as a partner, we will be able to be good enough parents in the digital world as well.

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